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Serapha Drinking Glass Tall


The Serapha Drinking Glass is a beautiful and sustainable way to enjoy your favorite beverage. This glass is made from mould blown glass, which is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional glassmaking. The Serapha is perfect for enjoying cocktails, beer, and other drinks. Made in China from sustainable materials, this cocktail glass is a great choice for your next drink.

  • Add Some personality to Your Glassware

    A decorative and unique take on your everyday drinking glass.

  • Artisan-made

    Made from hand hammered molds in which the glass is blown into. Each glass is made completely by hand.

  • Unique

    Triangular shaped and no two glasses are exactly the same.

  • Care Instructions

    Dishwasher Safe.

  • Dimensions

    3.4" w x 3.4" d x 5.6" h

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